About Agassi’s “Open”

Hey guys. Remember i promised a blog post about Andre’s book? Well here it is. I think Andre has started a weird “i don’t like tennis” fashion trend.
The thing is, I can say i don’t like tennis… On a given day. And i don’t really like the traveling life style and being away from the family and the pain of injuries and loosing…. But I do like being able to support myself. And being athletic. And it gives me confidence that i can do something few other people can. And maybe one day i can make a difference in some kids life who might think its cool to play tennis, not sleep around or drink or do drugs. Thats enough reasons for me to say i love being a pro tennis player. I don’t think sitting on my ass would’ve been better. I like to be active and do sports.
The other thing that bothered me was his drug abuse incident…. Explain to me how is a drug that makes you focused and energized is not a performance enhancement. But oh well,he is Andre Agassi,he could get away with this. I wonder what Gasquet will say about his incident if he will write his book? Maybe more juicy details?
And finally a message to tennis parents….. STOP BEING CRAZY AND ABUSE YOUR KIDS! AND MAKE THEM DO THINGS THEY DON’T WANT TO DO!!!! its not about YOU and YOUR ambitions… If thats the only way to create a champion, well i don’t know…. IT SUCKS…. But HUGE thanks to my parents for being supportive and helpful and caring. And if thats the reason Im not winning grand slams-the hell with them. Its not worth it. I wanna be able to make my own decisions and do things for the right reasons….
And in the end i wanna say i personally admire Andre’s transformation. How he went from a tennis bad boy to as classy and elegant as he was towards the end. I admire all the bits about Graf. It was all very touching… The inside to how he felt towards his competitors and during matches is FANTASTIC. And overall the book is written in great language and spirit. And putting behind all the great and not so great he did, what he does now with his foundation is just INSPIRING AND ADMIRABLE. So to sum it up, thanks Andre. You r a character impossible to forget.

Blog From Dubai

Hey guys. In the light of my last fabulous result i decided to write another blog entry.

If you have ever been to Dubai you know what a complete culture clash is going on here. I went to the mall yesterday to get a different charger for my computer and OMG! There r men and women in traditional clothes,there are indian girls in sari’s,even saw an old uzbek couple in traditional uzbek clothes. Too bad i wasn’t quick enough to take the camera out. And all that is mixed with jeans and t-shirts,tiny skirts and even a couple punk outfits… Really crazy mix. I loved it.

Another reason to go to the mall was the absence of my swimming suit that i discovered on arrival to Dubai. Must’ve left it in Pattaya…. Anyways it was just an excuse to go buy another one. And omg,do they have a choice of swim suits and lingerie stores here….Some prices come up to 3’000$ and im sure its not the limit! But really,do you need a piece clothes for 3’000$ that will only be noticed for hmmm 2-3 minutes max? Oh well,i guess i don’t have enough money to understand the pleasure of wasting it.

Anyways,i hope ill stay in Dubai long enough to experience something more cultural then just shopping. Ill keep you guys in the loop. Thanks for reading. Stay in touch ;)

Some Updates From Beautiful Australia

Hey guys. This blog will be about my lovely time in Australia.
I really like this country. Can totally understand why Rodionova sisters decided to move here. Too bad its so far from everywhere else,but what’s a couple extra days on the airplane for a tennis player? (*sarcasm*)
I’ve been to Melbourne and Hobart about 6 times. I personally think Hobart is a lovely place. Yeah, the weather is unpredictable and we r not staying in a Marriott or Hyatt but its still a lovely place to be (I think). First of all everything is close, second of all the seafood is unbelievable at any lil restaurant by the harbor that you might go to. My favorite one is Maldini’s. Really charming little italian place with the best seafood risotto in the WORLD! (And I don’t even like rice that much!) Then there’s a vine bar on the same street with the best atmosphere and a greek taverna around the corner. So I always enjoyed being in Hobart.

Melbourne is fantastic! Friendly people, great layout. If you ever go to here you really should try this place called Half Moon on Church street in Brighton. Food is so-so-so good. Make a reservation tho, it gets REALLY busy. Hahaha I start to sound like a food blog…oh well.
For the players party the Australian Open picks a different site all the time, so we saw a lot of night life! I really liked the Arthur Room (I think that’s the name) off ACDC lane. Really sketchy lil street but man the place is cool. It has the dance floor next to the bar and a chill out area in the back where you can actually have a chat without screaming in each others ear.
I’m looking forward to going to “Silk Road”, apparently they have a salsa night on thursday. I would really like to check it out,but I hope I won’t cuz ill be playing ;) So life is fun down under. A lil too expensive now,that Ausie dollar is doing so well but oh well.

This year was my first year in Sydney. Tournament is great. I’d like the practice desk to be set up a lil earlier since for some players (like myself) its the first tournament of the year. But by the time top 10 players get there everything is set up, so no harm no foul. Hotel has a really nice location. And any day you come to the mall you’ll find 10 female tennis players cruising there. For the restaurants we went to the harbor next to Sydney Opera house. Its probably too touristy but in the end of the day I am a tourist! :) and again about the dancing,these place called Establishment has a salsa night on thursday with a free class starting at 8 pm. I went to the class but unfortunately had to leave at like 9.45. However there was a looot of very good dancers and the atmosphere was great.
I would love to come back next year :)
Thanks for reading.
Talk to you soon!

About my bachelor degree!

Hey guys. Wanna share some very exciting stuff with you! On thursday 14th december 2011 i got a bachelor degree in Physical Education and Sports from Moscow University of Physical Culture and Sport! Andddd i passed the exam with an A!!! Slept for about 6 hours the whole week leading up to that but handled it great! Here r a couple pictures of me getting ready for it!:)

Athletes for Hope

This off season I did another thing for the first time. I joined a charity organization Athletes for Hope and gave a tennis lesson at Salvation Army in West Palm Beach. It was great to be able to give something back and help out the girls. I had a lot of fun. Girls were fantastic,very enthusiastic and interested not only in tennis (actually not so much in tennis),but my country and my culture. Another thing that really touched me was how much time and energy the people in Salvation Army are willing to give to this kids. Fantastic people! Admire them a lot! I hope i can come back and stay in touch. Really,if you have a chance to give back,just try. The feeling it gives you is truly amazing and special. BIG BIG THANK YOU to Athletes for Hope and The Salvation Army.

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